Grade 4



My home is about joy and protection and love. When I come back from school I always say hi to my mom and sister. And when I go to Kumon on Tuesdays and Thursdays and my mom picks me up when I’m done and she asks me how was Kumon, I like when she says that it makes me more proud of myself. When I get back from kumon I always go to the basement to watch television on my tv. When I think about home it looks like peace and happy. And sometimes I like to eat blueberries and strawberries too. Yes I love relaxing in my room and the basement too and everyday I have to do my Kumon homework because it’s important. And when I’m done my homework I sit on my couch. But what about the world and the people too? But the people in the street don’t have a home. I wish I gave them a house and they can be happy. And joy to their life too. And I wish I gave them money too almost like $175 and then they can pay like foods and a car too. And I wish I gave them clothes too. And one of my Favourite foods are chicken fingers and one of my Favourite songs is Roxanne. And the only thing I want is joy and to become a good kid at school too. And I do want Educational life too. Already I do have a great life too.