Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

My home is a place unlike the rest

I open the door,
As I see brother and sister playing on the floor.
I go to sit down as I smell my mom baking,
I yell to her what are you making?
I go down stairs to shoot puck,
I hit the targets with a little luck.
After a few minutes I hear my dog bark,
So I throw on her leash and head to the park.
I let her free,
As she runs off to pee.
We had back,
To grab a snack.
Well I eat my snack me and my dad talk,
As I suddenly hear my friends knock.
I run of to play,
But my time is cut short today.
Because I have hockey at eight,
And I can not be late.
We go to play street hockey,
Where the ground is all rockey.
I head inside to the cozy fire to warm-up,
But I need to back away so I don’t burn-up.
My mom yells supers ready,
It’s my favourite spaghetti.
My family sits around the table to pray,
Then we continue to chat about our day.
After my hockey practice is done,
There is no more sun.
At home I am surrounded by walls and people I know best,
My home is a place unlike all the rest.