Grade 5

British Columbia

My Home Is A Home


My home is a place to go and not everybody has one that might not be as good as homes that have safe areas to go to when it rains, or thunder happens, then they have nowhere to go live. Your home might be better than others and some people might have better homes than you but with this writing competition we can change that, and more people can have homes that they own and live-in. People can be happy to have a bed an oven a tv, family and maybe a pet to enjoy life. In a proper home the beds are comfortable the tv is slick the roof and walls are beautiful, and the lights are alive with brightness in. An unsafe home has a bad roof and walls and has no furniture. When I wake up in my home there’s always something to do but some people don’t have everything in an unsafe shelter. There’s no good water and food. A home makes a day better a home helps a person because a home is a life.