Grade 6

Leduc County

My Home is a Body

My home is a body
My bedroom is one of the hands
My sister’s room is the other
We spend lots of time in our bedrooms
Just like you spend lots of time using your hands

My living room is the lungs
A vital part of my house
It keeps us strong and together
Just like how lungs keep you alive

My kitchen is the back
We need our back to hold us up
Just like we need the items and food in our kitchen
But we regularly don’t realize how important it is
Similar to how we often overlook our back

My basement is the legs, which work all the time
They help hold us up, just like a basement holds up a house
My garage is the arms, which are very helpful
We use them all the time to do everyday things
Just like we use our garages frequently

My yard is the skin, surrounding everything
The structure is the bones, holding it all together
The brain is the memories made within the walls
But what really makes a house into a home
Is the family inside it, the heart of every dwelling