Grade 4


My Home Is A Beautiful Place

My home is a beautiful place to live in and I never want to leave my home. My home is a safe place to go to. I love my house because of my family, video games, and friends. Whenever I go to school, I miss my home. If I never had a home, I could never do any of my sports like hockey, soccer, and ball hockey. I would also miss my friends so much. I will miss Ryan, Lucus, Aaron, Liam, Weston, and Alex .R. My home is like my Century and I would miss it so much if I were gone. I would miss all of my favourite things and all my memories from when I was a little boy. It would make me sad and cause me to cry for days and days until my memories came back. My home is the best place in the world and I hope I would never have to lose it.