Grade 6


My home is …

A warm, safe and comfortable place that I
share with my family, where I
fill good in. My home has two bedrooms. My home is where I
stay. In the
morning, say, “Good morning!” to each other.
Then we eat our breakfast. After, we are allowed on our tablets. We play
some games or music or watch some movies. When done my sister and I
play some games like connect four. In our bedroom there are two beds
and in the other one bed.
My home is a safe, warm and comfortable place.
I like my home because behind my home there is a
playground that my
sister and I
like to play on. Behind the playground there is a space where
we can keep cars. In front of my home there is a road. And in front of the
road there is a big playground.
Everyone is welcome into my home. I
hope everyone feels happy in
their home.