Grade 4


My Home Is…

My home is a place where my stuff is, where my family is, and where love is. It is a place where I feel happy and secure. My favourite people live here with me.
In my home I have lots of stuff that I don’t need. Sometimes I give my stuff to someone who needs it. It makes me feel good when other people can have stuff they like too.
I have a family who lives with me. My sister, mom dad, cats, and my dog live together in our home. My dog loves our big yard, so he can run around in it. My family doesn’t always get along, but we love each other!
I love my home! If anybody wanted to take my home I would cry. It’s my home and I love it with all my heart! A home is where you laugh and you cry, where you’re heart gets filled, and sometimes it gets broken and mended!
Everyone should have a home that they love and like so they can have the best home that they could have! Thank you to Habitat for Humanity for providing homes for people who don’t have a home.