Grade 6


My Home Is…

Home means love, acceptance, and family,
fun, welcoming, and security.
My home isn’t dull crazy it is,
but that’s not all my special home is.
At my home I eat and sleep,
I know that I’m always allowed to weep.

At my home I know I’m safe,
Imagine those people who don’t have a place.
Sometimes I stop and think of my fortune,
And then think of those who have so little.
I want to help in anyway possible,
Just giving them a smile can make their day better.

Yes, I’ve moved before and it was okay,
I am grateful to have a nice place to stay.
Why be sad when I have so much,
It could make my home lose it’s magic touch.
Cozy, comforting, safe, and warm,
Crazy, loving and happy space is my home.