Grade 6

Mossbank, SK

My Home in Mossbank

Home to me is a safe and quiet place where I can think and clear my head.
Home is my escape pad from all my troubles.
When I’m home I am surrounded by friendly faces and family.
A home is not just four walls and a roof, a home is a place where memories are made, where friends and family gather.
A home has sentimental value and meaning.
It hurts to have your house burn down to the ground or taken away.
I know this first hand because my house burned down last April.
I learned from that experience that you can never lose your home but you can lose your house.
You can always rebuild anywhere anytime but a home can’t be taken away or burned down.
No matter where you are you will always find a home.
Whether it’s with friends or family you will always be surrounded by love which is always better then being alone.
My little home in Mossbank is special and unique and that is why I love it so much.