Grade 4


My Home in Cornwall

My Home in Cornwall

My home is in Cornwall. Home is a house with a backyard. I like going home. Some of the reasons I love my home are the special spaces and people in my house and everyone is nice to me.

There are special people that live in my home. I live with mom, dad, my sister and grandma, who lives in the basement. I love my family so much and they love me.

I have my special space at home. I have my own bedroom. My Legos are organized in my bedroom. I have three blankets on my bed to keep me warm. I have a bunk bed.

My home is happy place where everyone is nice to me. My sister Delilah plays fun games with me. Mom makes good chicken for me. Dad gives me hugs all the time. Grandma Mae always makes good supper for us.

Home is my favourite place. I wish could stay home every day