Grade 5

St. Philip's
Newfoundland and Labrador

My Home I Need

Home was my home, but when I moved it wasn’t the same…….. Why?! Well I will tell you. I moved into a new house with new people, and a new neighborhood. I liked my other home better because it was my home. At my home it was made with love because the wood was soft and pretty. At my new home it was kinda with love. It wasn’t the same thought. At my home it was nice and peaceful at the new home it was loud and not quit at my home I had a cat her name was Zoe she would live to be 100 (not actually) at my new home she died and it was very sad at my home me and my sister Kaylee we had are own rooms to sleep to play in and to have privacy but at my new home my step sisters had to move and live with us because there dad is with my mom (my parents are divorced) so now i have to share a room with one of my step sisters now I have no privacy but I don’t have very many toys in my room now and I am sleeping in a bunk bed (I sleep on the top bunk) If you mix love, trust, comfortable, safe, respect, warmth, kindness and i can go on together you make
Family and Home.