Grade 5


My home I love

My home I love

My home I love is a place I stay I cannot leave home it is where I lay.

I love my house so much I do I know where I am it is like I am here; I see the purity blue sky and the clouds up above me I always feel at home when I am not alone, I am safe as can be. I love the morning brees a through my hair it feels like spring is in the air I love my much I do I just cannot seem any ware. I go and clean I like it is my thing. I feel so cozy when I am in my covers.

I love my sister I love my brother what would I do without them together. I hold their hands as light as can be I cannot seem to get rid of them there are as sweet as I belief. With my mom at my room, we spend time together as we can be. I cannot seem to get rid of them they are just too sweet. I eat lots of food my family gifs it is so good it is hard to be true.

The stars all around me are so purity they are so amazing. I love my home it is big so big I not as tall as it is. I make and bake lots of cookies it runs through my house it makes it so nice. I have rules a lot of rules more like not to run around the house. I am such a lucky girl to have in the house.

My favorite stuff I love the most is my art supplies paint paintbrushes canvases and more it is like a miracle when it all together. Sister brother painting everything pink and blue it is how it the family it is how it Runs? Cleaning and making messes. I love my food and with the barite colors it the way I feel at home with my friends we play together we stay together. Then the best part is with my family I love my room my house I am glad my house is real.