Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

My home has…

The peaceful, quiet hours of the morning where I can hear the sound of the wind rushing past my window.

The late hours of the day where I can barely hear the sound of my footsteps over the loud sounds of children playing with toys

The clean spots

The messy spots

The sound of yelling and arguing

The sound of playing and getting along

My two dogs and many fish

Many plants

The happy, joyful times where we make memories

The sad times where you need someone to stay by your side

The nonsensical conversations

The smart, meaningful lessons

Old stuff

New stuff

Busy days

Plain days

The days where friends and family come and go

The hot, sweaty summer days where we can’t take the heat anymore and have to go to the lake

The cold days where we all have to put on our PJs and snuggle up with our blankets.

And as you can see my home is a place of opposites but most of all my home is a place of love.