Grade 6

Porters Lake
Nova Scotia

♥My Home Has A Meaning♥

My home has meanings that only I may understand,
Every new day has a different possibility,
My home may be bad to some people,
But when I get home it is the light of my day,
My community is amazing just come and see,
Everyone is kind and generous at that,
My home is amazing because it holds my family together,
You may look at my home and say it is old,
But you don’t know all that stories the could be told,
Nothing can beat the place I lived most of my life,
Because it is the stories that make that special light.

♥ The home you get, ♥
♥ you need to take care of, ♥
♥ because of all the memories, ♥
♥ you will make in that time, ♥
♥ you will cherish forever. ♥