Grade 5


My Home Collection

Home can be a place home can also be a collection of things that make you who you are. For me home is a collection of things and without these things I wouldn’t be me. First, culture: my culture, my family and I love to watch Nollywood movies and shows. We eat cultured food and I know a little bit of the language. My culture is a big part of me. Second, books: I love books. Books teach me and help me learn books also inspire me. That’s why I like to write. Most of the thoughts that run through my head are ideas of a new story I can write. I also like books because of the action, adventure, suspense, and mystery. Third, my family: my family makes me laugh even though they annoy me sometimes I still love them. They help with my homework and teach him new things. These are only three of the things that make me me. These things and people are what I call home.

Inspired by the book: All The Ways Home By: Elsie Chapman