Grade 5


My home and me

My Home And Me
Home means to me a loving, caring, place where you eat, sleep, and play. I love to be at my home. I want others to have a home too. Homes will be there when you are sick or feeling unpleasant. A home will be there when your tired or sad your home is there for you. You can do many articular activities at your home. Some of my favorite things to do are to have
a B.B.Q ., go swimming, do Gymnastics
and Garden.
I also love playing in the sprinkler in the summertime. In the front yard there is a huge blossom tree and I always climb up it. In the winter
I like to play in the snow with my dog have a snow ball fights, go ice skating and make snow forts. I also love to have sleep overs with my friends.
Home to me is my happy .
– Kierra Klassen