Grade 4

Parry Sound

My Home and House

What does my home and house mean to me?

In my home I can be anyone I want to be.

Some people don’t have one.

Then something had to be done.

So, the Habitat for Humanity

Made everyone happy!

Giving homes and houses is what needs to be done.

A home and house for everyone.

A house is built with sticks

And bricks

Insolation, Wood frames.

Inside it is filled with toys and games.

A house and home is what everyone needs.

A garden nicely pruned so that there are no weeds.

A home is your family feeling mad,

Exited, happy, and sad.

Every family and person in this world needs a house and home

Where you can Rome.

Where you can live in a house of joy.

Where you can play with every toy.

With family and friends

You can listen to the singing wrens.

Where you can live and eat

And clean your feet.

Then you can be whoever you want to be

And that’s what a home and house means to me.