Grade 6


My Home

It may seem odd to grow a home,
But a home is like a seed.

You can plant a seed indoors or out,
And consider a home anywhere out and about.

You can grow a seed, take care of it,
plant it in your garden grove,

I treat my home as my protection, from all the great outdoors,
A little seeds protection is down in the ground,
Buried deep in the dirt where it cannot be found,

My parents provide for me,
I provide for my seed,
I am well-tended, well cared for, I have the tools I need to grow,
And as I care for my seed it will sleep through the wintery snow,
With my help it’ll want to grow, and I’ll see it again next year, back from the cold,

I’ll water it daily and go back inside,
My see will thank me for the wet ride,

But if you don’t take care of it, or can’t anymore,
Poor little seed won’t survive the snow,

With love, warmth, and water your seed will become a plant,
With love, warmth, and comfort your house will become a home,

Over the seasons your seed will turn, into a beautiful flower or crop,
Thanks to your determination to keep it rising to the top,

Take care of your home and you will see,
You can keep your home flourishing like a seed!