Grade 5



Home is where I feel safe and protected. Home is a place where you can laugh with your family. It’s a place where I know I can go home and be accepted into a loving family. There are so many memories that are made in my small little house. Every time I come home from a long day at school or hockey I smell my mother cooking up some delicious dinner for me and my family. My home started as a house, but we made it a home by love and kindness. My home has a dog that cheers me up. My dog cheers me up by licking me! I used to have a hamster a couple weeks ago, but it died and I was crying and my dog came up to me and started licking me and it made me feel weird because I had slobber on my face! My home is one of a kind because we have 3 boys and me (the youngest child.) I have a VERY fun and wild HOME but I love it. And that is my HOME.