Grade 6


My Home


My home is not something to be replaced, It’s priceless
It’s like no any other home
Feeling safe and comfortable
Freedom and where my friendships start
It’s also where laughter and smiles begin
And the never ending tides of love and peace
Home is not just where you  were born and where you live or lived
And it’s also not just where your bed is
Or where the smell of my mom’s red velvet cupcakes
And my dad’s sense of humor
The fights and arguments with my brother
But even though we reunite
Home is not just a roof over our heads, or the walls built
A home is where a feeling I have that stays with me
And a feeling that never leaves me
A feeling I can’t describe
Safe and comfortable
Home is where my passions hopes and dreams are
And the respect and the sense of belonging
Home is unforgettable
Home is very special to me and I hope its special for you