Grade 6


My Home

My Home
To me, home isn’t just a word. It’s filled with joy and moments that are kind of absurd. You can relax, feel safe, and watch T.V. It’s almost like a magical place you see?
Home is a place to sleep, feel comfortable and eat. You can play games, but it’s no place to cheat.
On a cold winter day, I warm up inside. When you walk in, all the bad things are set aside.
When you feel sick, your family cares for you. Especially colds that come right out of the blue.
With all these examples, I think you’d agree, that home is absolutely the best place to be! I’m here everyday, unless I’m far away. I love my home, and that’s something I can say. I want everyone to love their home as much as I do, and to have one like mine, too.
What makes a home isn’t just calling it home, it’s what makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. To eat a nice, warm dinner ready at the dinner table. Spend time with family and friends and get to know each other when you have time on the weekends.
A home provides a roof over your head and a nice comfortable bed. You can paint it your favourite colour, maybe even red?
A home isn’t just a place. It’s where you learn to tie up your shoelace. This is what makes a house, a home.