Grade 4

British Columbia

My Home

My Home
My home is where my family is. My family is really important. I feel safe in my home. My home is important too. My home to me means shelter, comfort, cozy and special.
In my home there is a room called the craft room. The craft room is a place to do crafts and express your feelings on a page. The craft room to me means art, feelings, pictures. A place for me to make birthday cards.
Next up is my living room. My living room to me is a cozy place to take a nap, watch some TV, and relax. My living room is a place to make memories with my family. Watch movies, play board games, talk to each other. A place to sit on the cozy couch. My kitchen is a
place to have breakfast. A place to bake with my mom, dad, and my sister. The kitchen is where my Uncle cooks dinner.
My room, where I sleep on my bed, where I write on my desk, where I read in my reading-nook, where I get dressed in my closet. My back yard, in my backyard I have a pool. In my backyard I feel calm. I have a little hill in my backyard, and a big place to run. In my backyard I have a little swing, it is shaped like a chair. It has a pillow on it.The pillow is pink, it has a flamingo on it. In my backyard I play. I do lots of art in my home.