Grade 5


My Home

My home

My home is a place with a Turtle, Hermit Crab, Dog, cat and most of all my family. They support me in whatever I want to do, but my parents don’t get along very well they never really have. I begged and begged my parents to get divorced and one day they decided that It would be best. They got a divorce and I thought it would be easier than it was but it wasn’t.

They never really got along. They can never could figure things out, and they still can’t. They would always drag me and my brother into situations that we didn’t even need to know about. They still do. Currently we’re still trying to figure stuff out. It’s just hard because everyone that held my hand the whole time through this is gone. I felt like I am not the person I was.

When my mom left my dad’s house she didn’t have a place to go or for me and my brother to spend the night with her. She was living at my nans house and some other places. She has just recently got a house and it’s been very different ever since she moved out of her house. I started to not get alone with her and I don’t know what happened. I know my mom can be better. I’m hoping with this new house she will become the person that I know is inside her heart.

It was such a bad time for all this to happen because my brother also had some medical issues. In grade one my brother passed away. His name is Wyatt. I’m hoping soon that my family will be better and my house will feel like a home.