Grade 6


My Home

Home is a place of hope and care. It’s a feeling, a place of love. Everyone has a home. Some people describe home as a place but it’s in our hearts.
The sound of laughter reminds me of home. The tasty smell of chicken is what home is to me. Warm hugs, hot tea with a blanket and all my family members is truly what home means, love, safety, and putting others before you. It’s the best feeling someone can ever feel.
Most people think home is just a thing, something that can be replaced, something tangible but It’s more than just a thing. It’s a place that no one should forget, a something that can’t be replaced. A place that holds memories, a place that’s more than a comfy couch and a TV. A home is something everyone should have, a place you can call home.
We all deserve a home. We all need to fight and help our family. To put family before yourself be like a wolf (humility). Have courage be a bear. Protect your home with all your might do not let anyone take your home away.