Grade 6


My Home

Tue,Jan 22,2019
Meaning of Home
Home means a lot to me, and it can mean different things for different people. It’s where my little brother is. Home is where you feel safe and secure. Home is where people are loved and cared for.
Home is my brother when he wakes me up in the morning to play but I am too tired to get up. Home is when we chase each other around and around the house. It’s when we laugh together and have fun. My brother is home for me.
When I feel safe and secure, that is home. Home is having a roof over me keeping me away from the bad weather like snow, rain, hot sun, storms. Home is when all the scary things are on the outside and I am on the inside. It’s when I feel protected. Home is where I am calm.
Home is where I feel loved and cared for. I feel loved when my friends are by my side. It’s when we have family night and we watch movies and play games together. I feel loved when I am hugged and kissed by my family. When I am surrounded by people who I love.
I am so lucky to have a brother and feel secure. Home would not be home without the people who I love. That is home for me and I wish other people would have just as great of home.