Grade 6


My Home

I’m going to be telling you about my home and what it means to me. My home might be different to your home and different ways of living. Here is what my home is to me.

When I’m at with my parents I feel happy because they are always loving and make me feel safe. My second reason is they cook for us every night and buy us a lot of new stuff like clothes shoes sweaters. Also, they love to take us on camping trips out of Manitoba. However, they spend a lot of money on me and my sisters, so we try and spend a lot of time with our parents. My parents help us out so my sisters and me do the same to our parents.

When I get home from school, I go straight to my dogs because they start to bark when someone comes in are house. I love to play with my dog milo with his toys because he loves play time. My other dog Percy doesn’t like to play because he is an old dog, but he like to chase you down the hallway. Also, my cat doesn’t play all she does is eat and sleep. When all the pets are together, they all start to play fight and it’s fun to watch.

When I play with my older sister Kaydence, she loves to play fight with me and my other sister Scottie. My sister Kaydence loves to play on the hover boards. Also, we like to bother each other like opening each other’s doors and turning off echothers TVs. When I play with both of my sisters, they just fight all the time and Scottie the second oldest make my older sister Kaydence cry. That is why it is fun to play with them.

That is what my home means to me. I’m glad to have a caring family that loves me. Also, to have playful pets.