Grade 6


My Home

Home means many different things to many different people. I will be speaking my thoughts about home. I will be talking about three of my favourite things about home. First, I will be explaining how I feel comfortable in my home. Secondly, I will talk about how I feel loved in my family. Lastly, I will discuss how we give homes to others including my pets.
At my home, after a long day at school all I like to do is relax. Home is also a place where you can’t be judged or made fun of. It’s a place where you can just calm all the way down to your toes and not worry about anything.
Secondly, in my home I feel loved. I know I’m loved by my family, friends, and animals. I know this because they give me company, a roof to live under, and place food on my plate. Also, they help me have fun by taking me and my siblings on trips like to Canada’s Wonderland and to indoor water parks.
Lastly, my home is a home to not just me and my family but at my dad’s house we have a cat too. I love my cat very much and I show that to her by changing her litter twice a week and by feeding her, giving her water every week. Also by playing hockey with her food, watching movies and hockey with her to make her feel like she belongs in our house.
To sum it up, I have talked today about how I feel very comfortable in my home, how I’m loved and love others. Also, how we give homes to others even if they were not a part of my family in the beginning. I hope you like my home. It might not be to your liking, but it’s perfect for me.