Grade 5

Red Deer

My Home

Home, a place, warm and cozy, a place where you are surrounded by friends and family.
Home, a place small or tall, walls tough as cement and a roof like bricks, windows clear as water. Home, a place that belongs to you. The minute you walk through the doors you are safe,
The home is yours, as you rush up the stairs to see your bedroom, smiling as you open the door to your room.
Some families don’t have a home or a safe place to live in. I’m lucky to have a home that is safe.
As I wake up, with the sun on my face, I smile and jump out of bed, I run down the stairs where my mom is making breakfast and even though I was late to get up, my mom and my brother are waiting for
When I got to school, my friend was waiting for me. It may be a small thing to do, but I appreciate it.