Grade 4


My Home

Every year, my family travels to different places. Even though I am happy during the vacation, I feel happier when I get home. Like many people say, “ East or west, home is the best.”

I feel comfortable at home. Have you ever been to somewhere where you don’t know anyone and no one knows you? I think this has happened to everybody at least once in their lives. Home is where I am always recognized.

I feel free at home. I feel like I can tell my family anything and not get embarrassed. It’s like when you go to school and when someone hurts your feelings, you try not to cry. I know that my parents always help me through hard times, and they don’t mind when I cry. Home is where I am never shy.

I feel safe at home. I know everybody in my home, from my heart. I know every corner of my home, and I know where I can get what I want. I know what I can play with, and what I should ask help for if I need it. I know everybody in my home is caring to each other, supporting to each other, awake or asleep. At home, I always feel safe.

Home means so much for me, and I believe, for everybody. Home is what gives you love, and what you should give love to.