Grade 6


My home

Right now home prices are like as much $594,000 for a normal sized home. Home costs go up every year. I am afraid of how much a home would be when I am 30. If i do not have a good job for a warm house, my health, food i would be outside alone. I love my home. My home keeps me, my brother, my mom and dad safe. My house smells like freshly cooked cookies coming out of the oven, and that makes me know I am safe. I hear my parents and my brother and that makes me know they are with me, I hear friends and families playing outside and being happy. I can see the weather change to beautiful snow to nice warm flowers in the summer. You can go places with your family and friends. At night I am nice and warm in my bed not worrying about anything outside. My home is a nice place where you can play and have fun with friends and family. You make fun memories and experience a lot of new stuff. You learn, you laugh, explore and stay safe. It keeps families all over the world safe and protected. I am very lucky to have a safe, loving, warm home to stay in when the seasons change to winter to summer.