Grade 5

Red Deer

My Home

My Home is safe and warm,
It’s a place where I know I can’t be harmed.
I immediately feel comfortable when I walk in,
It’s like walking into a loving and caring bin.
Only it’s not a bin,
It’s something I can fit in.
Then, when I’m hungry or thirsty,
I can have food or water in my tummy.
Whenever I’m nervous, scared or depressed,
I can go and play with my four pets.
I know that no one on purpose will be mean,
Also my Home isn’t dirty, it is all clean.
I have family to keep me happy,
And when I need to, we are laughing.
Where I am, I can be anything,
No matter what I’m thinking.
A Home is built in a community,
Every community is built beautifully.
Your family is almost like a place. Home is a place,
Where you feel welcome and safe.
I certainly feel like my place is right,
I love and adore, when I wake up, to look at the soft light.
The love of my family is like a ceiling and some walls,
Although they never will fall.
Each family is a home,
All together like the ends of a comb.
When I’m cuddled up in my bed,
I know I always have a roof over my head.
My Home means the world to me,
It is always so wonderful to see.