Grade 4


My Home

My home is a place where I go, when I’m feeling low.
To open the door, I turn the key,
But there is so much more that means to me.
Everyone greets me with a kind gesture, as I enter.
It’s like a type of place, where there’s freedom.
I feel safe, relaxed, and calm, as everyone holds my hand.
It’s a place where I can rely on my family every day.
When I think about home, I think about my family,
The people who really care about me.
When I think about family,
I think about my kind mom, my encouraging dad, my sister who I argue with, and my brother, who I play with.
I am grateful for a home, a place where I live,
A place where I express my feelings without a doubt.
My home is a place where everyone bonds together happily.
It’s a place where me and my family live together kindly with no doubt!
Some people don’t have homes like you and I do,
So that’s why we should help them by writing about what home means to you and encourage others to do the same.
I feel bad for the homeless and poor, the ones without a home!
Everyone should have a home and a family, they all deserve to have one!
It doesn’t matter what race and what religion they are from.
What matters is the state they’re living in!
Everyone deserves to live in peace.
So that’s why we have to help them by writing what home means to you.
Everyone should have a great home just like mine and yours!
They deserve to live in peace!