Grade 5


My Home

At my home I feel safe and happy. I feel safe because my grandma and grandpa keep me safe and protected. After a long day of school, I get to go home and see my family and my dogs Cash, Buddy, and Trucker. Buddy and Trucker are Yorkie. Cash is a pit bull bull-mastiff cross. He is brindle and Cash loves cuddles and gives lots of hugs.
My home is where my memories are made. My favourite memory is when my dad bought me twelve roses six blue and six white. That was on my very first Valentine’s day.
When I’m at home I feel accepted for who I am. I feel comfortable at home, but at school I feel very uncomfortable, because I have to sit in a desk and it is very uncomfortable. At school I feel very judged for what I wear and do, but I feel loved at home.
At home I have my bed and my grandma makes me dinner and lunch on the weekends. Home is where I play my favourite games and watch TV.
At home I get to play with my friends and have sleepovers, either at my friend’s house or at my home. I feel happy at home. Home is where I feel happy on holidays and where I get to feel happy on Christmas. Home for me is a safe place to go to after school and it’s where me and my family have conversations, both good and bad. No matter what I always feel love in my home.