Grade 4


My Home

The best things about my house that makes it a home are my family and my pet, the things in my bedroom, and the things downstairs in my basement.
My family and dog make me feel loved, safe, warm, and cozy. When I get home my dog always greets me home. She wags her tail and licks me all over. Finally, my family and my dog have movie nights, we play card/board games, and we play games outside together.
Now some things I like in my room are my stuffed animals and blankets, Pokémon cards and rocks, and pictures. I like playing and cuddling with my stuffed animals and blankets because it makes me feel safe and happy. I like collecting Pokémon cards and Westman Rocks. It is fun to collect Pokémon cards and its fun to paint, hide, and find Westman Rocks. Now I like pictures because it reminds me of good times and happy memories and people that I love that aren’t with me anymore.
My final reasons are the things downstairs/in my basement. Some of the things are my HUMONGOUS stuffed bear, what is in my sister’s room, and my exercise room. I like my big bear because it’s also fun to cuddle, I like playing in the exercise room with him, he’s a big bodyguard. When I am downstairs in my basement alone, I feel like I am going to get attacked by monsters, but big bear can make them go away. I like my sister’s room because it reminds me of her living my house. My dad sleeps in my sister’s room, and we keep a bed for my niece to sleep in. I like my exercise room because I can exercise in it which is good for my health which is good for my body, and I also I like building forts in it.
I feel very strongly about my house because of my family and pets, my personal things in my room, and some things that are downstairs in my basement because that’s what makes it a home.