Grade 6


My Home

I can hear my Moms slippers clicking on the floor
I can hear my Dad coming through the front door
I am listening for these things at home like a mouse
When I hear them I know I am safe at my house

I can smell yummy food cooking on the stove
I can smell the fresh paint that is not the colour mauve
I am sniffing for these things morning and night
When I smell them I know I will be alright

I can see my comfy bed as I go to sleep at night
I can see my yummy food as I take a big bite
I look for these things at home every day
When I see them I know it is a safe place to play

I can taste delicious Pasta topped with cheese
I can taste my yummy dessert as long as I say please
I try to taste these things day in and day out
When I taste them I know there is no reason to pout

I can feel the heat and the warmth of a hug
I can feel the hot water as I get in the tub
I try to feel these things when I step through the front door
When I feel them I know I will be safe at home forever more