Grade 5


My home

Home is where I feel loved
By my family, friends and even my dog

The first thing I hear when my brother and I get off the bus is
Peace and quiet
Then once we enter our home we either hear
My brother screaming over fortnite
My dog barking because she hears the door
Or my mother’s extremely loud music

The first thing we smell is either
My brother’s soccer equipment which stinks by the way
My mother’s absolutely delicious meat tacos
Or my dog back from a walk

Home is home to me because of the people
Who live in it
And them who visit and surround it
Not the four walls that surround us

Ma maison n’ai pas just ma maison
C’est aussi Montréal

Montréal est la ville oú je suis née
C’est oú j’ai rencontré mes amies et amis
Montréal est une ville multiculturelle et gentille

Aay omehay siay aay lacepay ereway ouyay
Ancay lendbay niay ndaay eelfay ovedlay
Ybay veryoneeay, aay lacepay erway
Ouyay ontway ebay ujeday roay urthay