Grade 6


My Home

My Home
Many people have different reasons why they love their homes, but for me, being safe is the most important reason of all. Once I lock my front door I feel safe and secure. The lock on my door is solid, so I will always feel safe as long as I’m in my house and the door is locked.
Another reason my home is important is that all of my essentials I need to live my everyday life are safe inside my home. In my home, I have clothes/attire for each and every season and I can always rely on my home to ensure I can always have a safe shelter from the bad weather. Thunderstorms, Blizzards, you name it, I always rely on my home to keep me safe in any type of bad weather.
The favourite room of my home is by far my basement. I just love spending time in my basement. My basement is where I practice hockey. My basement is unfinished, even still I have managed to do quite a bit of damage to the insulation. I like to start off with a run on my treadmill, and do workouts to start off my day. I love playing hockey in my basement because I get to improve my hockey skills as well as spend time playing hockey with my dad. I also get to work out in my basement on my yoga mat and treadmill. Running on my treadmill is also always fun. I enjoy running outside but in the wintertime, Canadian winters are usually too cold to run in without snow pants and a ski jacket and trust me I have gotten frostbite on my face too many times for my lifetime.
In my home, the main area of the house is the kitchen. This is the main homework area. In my kitchen, we have a big window that allows plenty of natural light for me to work in. My kitchen also has many good memories. Like many years ago when my sister was dancing in the kitchen and tripped and fell into the wall and put a hole in it. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt but it’s always funny to look at the plant we use to hide the hole in the drywall. It’s also the room where I would eat my peanut butter and jam sandwiches at 6 am before hockey practice. Unfortunately, now, I am eating my peanut butter and jam sandwiches between zoom calls.
Over the years I have developed many fond memories in every room in my house. From the family gatherings to my mother’s awesome cooking, always makes my home a place where I feel safe and happy.