Grade 6

Bay Roberts
Newfoundland and Labrador

My Home

My Home
Home to me is like a dome.
A place to come when I’m alone.
When I’m sad, my family is not mad.
When I’m home, I can just roam.
I know that if there is a mouse,
it’s not in my house. When I get the
stomach bug, I can just get a hug.
When I’m mad, home makes me feel glad.
Home to me is not just a building,
It’s a place full of caring. When i’m down,
my mom don’t just frown. She picks me
up and dusts me off. When I’m
feeling sad, my dad will not make me feel
bad. My brother is another who encourages
me to do my best. My home is like dove.
There is a lot of love and kindness.
When i’m in the kitchen, eating very
delicious I am very warm, thankful,