Grade 4


My Home

Did you know my home is made with my family? When it was first made my great, great, grandma bought it 84 years ago. My home is very busy. My home is made from my body, my house, and my community.
First of all, my body is my home. My family helps my emotions. Learning helps my brain stop overthinking and helps me be calm.
My house is part of my home too. In my house, my bed helps me sleep all night and nap and helps me be warm. My cat helps my emotions. When I’m sad I think of my cat. I play with family on video calls sometimes and my family helps me sleep. My house is made with my family.
Lastly, my community is part of my home. My community is made with families and homes, trees, and a school. It is special because Point Douglas has statues of special people and special trees.
That is why my home is made with my family. My emotions at home are happy because I can play at my home. At home, I am happy with my family.