Grade 4


My Home

Did you know that my home is made of kindness and love? My home is AWESOME and kind! My body is full of kindness and lives in a house full of kind people. That is why I am thankful for my home.
To begin, my body is my home. I look after my mind by learning new things from my family and friends. They teach me things that I want to know! I like to keep myself a healthy body by eating healthy and trying to go to bed early. But what fills my spirit is my family and friends. My emotions help me be relaxed.
Furthermore there are eight people living in my home. There are five rooms for all of us. We like to garden different things in the summertime! And my home is made of glass, brick, wood, cement, and kindness.
My home is in my community. My family goes for fresh air in nice or cool weather! My home is in Point Douglas and my street is Euclid Avenue. There are playgrounds, schools, stores, churches, and friends!
That is why I am thankful for my home and community! For an example, if you want to be an AMAZING person, you can! Try being social with your friends, neighbours, and your community!