Grade 4


My Home

Did you know that my home is made from my love with my family? I love my family, my home, and my community. My home is made from my body, my house, and my community.
First, my body is my home. Then my love fills up my home all the way to the top. Calm music helps me to be calm. To keep my brain happy and healthy I like to learn new things. I love to sing. Singing fills my spirit WAY UP! These are some of the was I take care of my body as my home.
Also, my house is part of my home. My room is super messy. It has 3 windows in front of the living room. We love having the door on the side. My Mommy’s, Cole’s, and Conner’s rooms are on the front while my room is on the side. How cool is that?!
Finally, my community is part of my home. It is special because everyone helps each other. Everyone helps out with North Point Douglas. That’s why my community is so special to me.
To sum it all up, that’s how my home is made. It is made of love, my body, my house, and my community. Whenever I’m in my home, I feel SUPER DUPER HAPPY!!!