Emily (Yiqing)

Grade 4


My Home

My Home

Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring,
joy to me my family brings.
Friends and family and stuffies galore,
what else could a girl ask for?
Beds and tables, couches and chairs,
even a sweet smell in the air.
My room, my house, and my family,
how I love you so,
even if I’m upset, you give me a sparkly glow!

Home to me is a comforting place,
where I have my very own space.
It washes away all my doubts and fears
and makes my mind so clear.
It is where I can share my thoughts,
and the love I have for my family,
there’s lots and lots and lots.
Home is where I’ve lived all along,
and when I’m with my family,
I am super strong.

With my family I feel so blessed,
and I’ll never forget that they are the best.
Mom and dad, I love you so much,
your love feels like a gentle sweet touch.
What ever I do,
I will never forget you.
Where ever I go,
I will always love you, I know.
This is what home means to me,
with my family is where I am meant to be.
And this is the true meaning of home,
that where ever I am, I will never be alone.