Grade 6

British Columbia

My Home

My Home

My home makes me feel safe and protected
with the comfort of my parents.
We can chill by the warm fire,
watch some tv and know that we’re protected
by the great walls of this amazing structure.
The foundation strong like the roots of a tree
and the roof sheltering us from the rain and wind.

I can run and play in my home,
explore in my imagination,
play with my siblings and parents.
I can do whatever i want when I’m at home.
My home keeps me warm from storms
and I know that I’m always safe in my home.

Lights to keep me and my home so bright.
The electricity running through my home,
keeping my home alive.
The plumbing, all the pipes, like a maze.
it’s ventilation keeping us warm and keeping us cool.
No matter what our home keeps us safe and alive.
It’s sad that thousands and thousands
of people are homeless.
They deserve a home just like me and you.
They don’t get any ventilation,
they don’t have a working sink
or even a working shower.
They need help; they’re all alone outside
Without a HOME.