Grade 4


MY Home

My home is all to me it means everything to me it is my home it keeps my safe from storms it makes me never feel not safe. I never get cold from the rain and house is the one place that I always am safe. If I moved I would be lost and if my house got destroyed I would be really sad.If I lost my house I would not be happy I would be sad like really sad I would be crying.I love my home it makes me happy.My home is all to me it is all I want nothing can replica it.It is mine it is all I love in all of the unesvices. It means all to me and my family. We love it so much.My house is so nice it never has broken at all in my life my house is brand new. I don’t want to lose my house. My house is the one place where I can live my life in peace. I have everything in my house. I treasure all of my stuff and my family too.All of my stuff is good the best my bed.