Grade 5



My home is a big warm blanket during a stormy day
It is coming in after a cold, stressful day at school and finding a crackling fire and a cup of hot chocolate to sip
My home is relief
It is finishing homework and realizing I have hours and hours to play my favourite video game
My home is my mom cooking my favourite pasta
It is picking up the noodles with my fork and watching all that melty cheese come up with them towards my mouth
My home is my dad setting everything up
It is sleeping in a bed the next night and knowing someone made it with love
My home is letting my siblings pull me all through the house and show me all of the toys that they have placed around it
It is laughing lightly when they accidentally drop a move-in gift on my foot
Home is my family
It is biting into one of my mom’s warm, melty chocolate muffins, enjoying watching the new movies that my dad has picked out on our new tv, and it is watching my siblings do lots of cartwheels and handstands in our new, spacious basement
This is my home