Grade 6


My Home

My home is very special to me, I am so grateful that I have a home that I can live in because some people don’t have a home so I’m lucky and grateful for what god and my family has given me so far. And I am so grateful that I have a family who loves me with all there heart and I feel very special that I have a family and some people don’t, Since it’s Covid-19 now everything is different for people and there families that are getting really sick and dying. I’m very grateful that I don’t have COVID-19 either does my family and I hope it stops soon, This COVID-19 situation has been going on for about a whole year so it’s very stressful for others. And the final reason why I am grateful about my home is I have food and drinks that I can eat and drink so I don’t get sick or die. And overall all these things are grateful to me.