Grade 6


My Home

My Home is a place that I share with my family. We live in our home together. It is a place where we bond and have fun together, We like living in our home. It serves a point that everyone should have a place and a family to call home. A place where they can live and have fun together. In my mind everyone should have this opportunity to live with their family in a nice home. Having a home is a big thing and growing up not having one could greatly affect what will happen to you later on in life. So I think it is essential that every kid has a home to live in with there family and enjoy that home with their family.

A lot of kids around the world don’t have what some of us have. They don’t have a place to call home and instead in some situations are forced to live on the streets. So i think that is writing these letters is a really good idea and a nice way for us to help out.