Grade 5

St. Albert

My Home

A home is a place where you can stay safe,
Where I can be me, for my soul to be free,
A place where I can be alone, free to roam,
But it’s not only peaceful, but full of excitement,
Where me and my family have a game night, an experience full of delight.

With emotion, I am full of devotion,
The feelings of my house are mixed, and that is something that can’t be fixed,
But it’s a good thing, not bad, because all emotions, happy and sad, really build a home’s foundation.

Now a house, that’s a different story, it’s made up of wood, bricks, and glass.
A house is just an empty building, a boring place with nothing thrilling,
But when a family comes and inhabits the house, that’s a different story isn’t it now,
It becomes a home, a place of life, and wonder,
Now that is a treasure.

Home to me, might be different from others opinions, but it’s something amazing,
Home is my personal sanctuary, where I can be alone to pray, and not be afraid,
Home is where I can have personal talks with God, what I’m saying isn’t a fraud,
Home is where I can open up my mind, and my imagination can leap to life,
And I don’t have to be embarrassed by my unrealistic dreams.
It’s where I can flip through a book, and get lost in my thoughts, where no one will be taking shots at me,
Home is where the heart is, where I can be myself, with no one else.

My heart aches when I think of people living on the streets, and that isn’t right is it?
No, it gives me a fright.
That’s why habitat for humanity was created, for the people whose life has become faded.
For people without a home, that are living alone.
Now they can have a place to be happy,
A place to feel secure,
Where their life doesn’t feel like an out of control tornado,
Where they can wipe the chip off their shoulder,
Where at end of the day they can take the heavy load off their tired backs,
Where they can connect with others,
Become a band of sisters and brothers,
And finally have a healthy family.

And those are my feelings about home,
All written out in a poem.