Grade 5

St. Albert

My Home

What things can make a home? I have a bed, kitchen but I never thought about what they meant. My home gives me comfort. My home has a bed. A bed is where I can sleep, dream, and have privacy. I have a kitchen. A kitchen is where I can learn to cook and bake. When I get home from school I settle in.

How do you feel when you enter your home? In my home I feel safe. I feel so much love in my home. There is so much laughter and respect. Home is where I can chuckle. Home is the best place ever.

How does a home make life better? We spend time connecting in the backyard. We spend time at dinner. My family spends time at our lake. I have freedom to have my own room. I have a choice. I can facetime my friends frequently. Home is where I can glimpse out the window and see the sunset and sunrise. My house is so lovely.