Grade 5

British Columbia

My Home

Jesse My Home Jan 22,

My home means a lot to me and to my parents! I don’t own a house yet, but I have plans to one day.

build one with my parents and some friends. My home right now is nice, warm and cozy. I’m grateful to

have one and I feel bad for people who are not. It’s unlucky to not have a home, but most people work.

hard and try to save so hard. Some people like this become homeowners with the help of Habitat for

Humanity. Their volunteers build a home to help create Homes that families can feel safe, and loved!

Afterall Home should be a place to be happy and have fun, and a place to sleep safely! Home is the

thing that everyone needs. But sadly, some people don’t get that🙁. Home is a place to be safe,

loved, have fun and way more!

Written By: Jesse E Giffin