Grade 5



So many people drive through neighborhoods every day but don’t think much about them. They believe it is either just a place made of bricks or a shelter to keep the family safe or maybe even just a place to put furniture. But to my family living in this house it is so much more. It is like a castle where we build each memorie with Christmas dinners, birthdays, weddings and even funerals. Home is feeling like an iceberg frozen in stress that has just melted. My home is like when you come home and see your dog like a hipper hyper hyena wagging it tail at the door while racing up and down the childhood floors. It’s staying up all night and watching movies with your family while the smells of popcorn soars through the air. It is like warm baths on a Sunday evening. It is like a mathematical problem being solved when you enter the door. It is like the first cannon ball of the summer . It is being swarmed from head to toe with love. Even though sometimes my house is like a zoo, It is a place that I call home.